Infrared Inspection Windows

Safely and easily assess the condition of your critical electrical assets and create a condition-based maintenance program with our bespoke thermographic inspection windows.


Safe and efficient viewing of energised equipment

To ensure the safe and continued operation of power distribution networks, it is essential for maintenance teams to regularly assess the state of energised systems when operating under their normal load.

R&B Switchgear Group’s industrial-grade IR windows enable businesses to identify and prioritise maintenance activities depending on the level of urgency. Thereby minimising system downtime, as well as saving time and investment on fixed schedule maintenance, which may not always be required.


Custom design best suited to your requirements

Available in a large variety of shapes and sizes, our infrared (IR) windows can be custom-made to suit the requirements of your power system; making those not so easy-to-reach areas, that little bit more reachable.


Durable & Rugged


Arc Containment Tested


Anti-fog Optic


Environmental Design


Lifetime Warranty


Advanced protection for your most critical assets

When removing panels or opening enclosure doors to carry out inspection of energised assets, you are exposing live electrical components to elements as such as dust, moisture or debris, which can ultimately trigger an arc flash.

Our advanced viewing technology provides that extra layer of protection for your resources. By eliminating the need to open enclosures during routine inspection, you can reduce the possibility of an arc fault and its damaging if not deadly consequences to both personnel and/or equipment.


Unparalleled field of view

Unlike the round infrared windows, our large format and custom infrared windows have a far superior field of view. With over 6 times the FOV of a 4 inch diameter round window, a thermographer is given infinite viewing angles inside the switchgear.

By reducing the number of infrared windows needed, you can typically reduce the cost of installation and product purchases required by over 50%.


Cutting-edge Poly-View™ technology

Our polymer based IR windows are unaffected by environmental and mechanical stresses, meaning they can maintain fixed and stable transmission (FAST), ensuring accurate and reliable temperature data throughout asset lifecycle.

They can enable visual inspections as well as traditional IR inspections across the entire Infrared spectrum. On request, the windows can be designed to include a partial discharge access point, to allow for regular testing in line with maintenance activities.

Speak to a member of our team to learn more about our thermographic and partial discharge survey offering.



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